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Cape Lambert Flatback Turtle Monitoring Program 2012-13

A project of Rio Tinto in conjunction with the partners and sponsors detailed below.

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NameSpeciesLife StageRelease DateLast LocationDays Transmitted
Gecko Flatback TurtleAdult2012-11-282013-08-05250
Pixie Flatback TurtleAdult2012-11-272013-09-03280
Pinkie Flatback TurtleAdult2012-11-282013-04-01124
Kai Flatback TurtleAdult2012-11-102012-11-2919
Turi Flatback TurtleAdult2012-11-142013-10-10330
Jean Flatback TurtleAdult2012-11-272013-05-04158
Ganon Flatback TurtleAdult2012-11-252013-04-06132
Kyah Flatback TurtleAdult2012-11-272013-08-27273
Turbo Flatback TurtleAdult2012-11-152012-11-3015
De$$tiny Flatback TurtleAdult2012-11-152013-04-04140
Sharon Flatback TurtleAdult2012-11-142013-12-02383
Chops Flatback TurtleAdult2012-11-262012-12-1519
Susan Flatback TurtleAdult2013-01-142013-04-1591
Narelle Flatback TurtleAdult2013-01-152014-03-02411
Charlie Flatback TurtleAdult2012-11-292014-03-30486
Jezebel Flatback TurtleAdult2012-11-282013-09-11287
Paddles Flatback TurtleAdult2012-11-262013-05-13168
Lucy Flatback TurtleAdult2013-01-072014-04-18466
Gorgeous George Flatback TurtleAdult2012-11-292014-06-07555
Laurice Flatback TurtleAdult2013-01-082013-10-16281
Otouhime Flatback TurtleAdult2012-11-302014-05-01517
Ton!e Flatback TurtleAdult2013-01-142013-06-03140

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This project is conducted by environment department staff at Rio Tinto's Cape Lambert operations. The satellite tracking component is part of a wider turtle monitoring program conducted by Rio Tinto, which includes tagging and monitoring nesting success and sand temperature at local beaches.

Twenty three transmitters are to be deployed during the 2012/13 nesting season, all on Flatback turtles at Bells Beach, Cape Lambert, and Delambre Island, Western Australia.

This project is a continuation of work carried out from 2010 at Cape Lambert (