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Flatback Turtle

Foraging green turtles in the Ningaloo World Heritage Area

A project of Dept of Environment & Conservation in conjunction with the partners and sponsors detailed below.

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NameSpeciesLife StageRelease DateLast LocationDays Transmitted
to be named Green TurtleJuvemile2013-02-252013-06-10105
to be named Green Turtleadult2013-02-232013-06-14111

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This project will investigate the spatial and temporal use of foraging habitat by green turtles in the Ningaloo World Heritage Area area using both acoustic and satellite technology. This study will provide preliminary data for in-water green turtles that will assist with assessing existing and future pressures.

The broader project led by CSIRO will explicitly address the Caring For Our Country (Australian Government funding) target of identifying key threats to outstanding natural values of World Heritage Areas. This project is a partnership between CSIRO, the WA Departments of Environment and Conservation (DEC) and Fisheries (DoF) and the local community to enable an integrated assessment of the current status of, and threats to, marine biodiversity values of the Ningaloo Coast World Heritage Area (WHA). The partners will assess the status of reef fish, sharks and rays, and turtles, and measure the amount of fishing effort - a key pressure on these values. The project will also include an assessment of the current marine park management zones for large iconic megafuna. The objective of these assessments is to inform the DEC Marine Monitoring Program that is the main management tool for detecting changes to the key values of the WHA.

Expected outcomes:

More directly, this study will provide preliminary data on in-water green turtles that will assist with assessing existing and future pressures in the region.

The information yielded by this project will be used to inform the Marine Monitoring Program, providing the broader geographical context that this program needs. By doing this it will help DEC and DEWHA meet key obligations under the World Heritage Convention:

- Support marine conservation activities for megafauna

- Increase the community's understanding of, and capacity to assist in, the conservation of the World Heritage area through the presentation of its values

Project Partners

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)

The Western Australian Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC)

Western Australian Department of Fisheries


Project Sponsors

Caring for our Country (CfoC) (Australian Government Funding)