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Wood Stork Telemetry Project

A project of UFL Wading Bird Research Group in conjunction with the partners and sponsors detailed below.

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NameSpeciesLife StageRelease DateLast LocationDays Transmitted
113435 Washo Adult, 2012 Wood StorkAdult2012-05-292014-10-29883
113436 Washo Adult, 2012 Wood StorkAdult2012-05-302014-10-30883
113437 Washo Adult, 2012 Wood StorkAdult2012-05-292014-10-30884
113438 Washo Adult 2012 Wood StorkAdult2012-05-312014-10-31883
113439 Washo Adult, 2012 Wood StorkAdult2012-05-302014-10-30883
113440 Washo Adult, 2012 Wood StorkAdult2012-05-302014-10-30883
113441 Washo Adult, 2012 Wood StorkAdult2012-05-302014-10-31884
113442 Washo Adult, 2012 Wood StorkAdult2012-05-312014-10-28880
113443 Washo Adult, 2012 Wood StorkAdult2012-05-302014-10-28881
JaxZoo01 Wood StorkAdult2006-01-222012-05-272317
47518 SFL Juvenile, 2004 Wood StorkJuvenile2004-05-132014-05-223661
47528 ENP Adult 2011 Wood StorkAdult2011-04-252014-10-281282
51977 Palm Beach adult, 2010 Wood StorkAdult2010-05-162014-10-281626
51980 Palm Beach adult, 2010 Wood StorkAdult2010-05-192014-10-311626
51981 Harris Neck adult, 2010 Wood StorkAdult2010-07-202013-09-141152
72356, Corkscrew Adult 2009 Wood StorkAdult2009-01-172013-12-221800
72357 ENP adult, 2011 Wood StorkAdult2011-04-192013-07-31834
72360 ENP adult, 2011 Wood StorkAdult2011-04-192014-10-291289
Kings Bay 3 Wood StorkJuvenile2008-06-302014-10-282311
91020-ENP adult 2009 Wood StorkAdult2009-05-012014-07-171903
91021-ENP Adult Wood StorkAdult2009-05-012014-10-302008
91023-ENP Adult Wood StorkAdult2009-05-012014-10-302008
99227 Palm Beach adult, 2010 Wood StorkAdult2010-05-182013-06-291138
99229 Harris Neck adult, 2010 Wood StorkAdult2010-07-202014-10-291562

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Our lab has been deploying satellite transmitters on wood storks since 2002 in order to determine survival rates, movement patterns, and habitat use. From 2002-2005, we tagged juvenile wood storks from south Florida and Georgia (2005 only). Since 2005 we have also deployed transmitters on adults.

Project Partners

This is a cooperative project involving the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the University of Florida, the National Audubon Society, the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, the National Park Service, and the University of Georgia's Savannah River Ecology Laboratory.