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Migration and Residence Times of Shortfin Makos in Southern Australia

A project of SARDI Aquatic Sciences in conjunction with the partners and sponsors detailed below.

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NameSpeciesLife StageRelease DateLast LocationDays Transmitted
Zali Shortfin MakoJuvenile2012-12-182013-03-2799
Jennifer Shortfin MakoJuvenile2013-07-112014-11-28505
Spog Shortfin MakoJuvenile2012-12-182015-01-29772
Judd Shortfin MakoJuvenile2012-12-182013-03-2193
Miranda Shortfin MakoJuvenile2013-07-102015-01-29568
Baitwaster Shortfin MakoJuvenile2012-12-172013-11-02320
Toro Shortfin MakoSub-Adult2013-06-282014-03-04249

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We are investigating the migration pathways and residence times of shortfin makos in Southern Australia.

Currently this research is supported by the Victorian DPI Recreational Fishing Licence Trust Account Large Grants Program, and Marine Innovation South Australia. We are investigating the site fidelity (how long the sharks remain in key areas), and migration dynamics of juvenile and adult makos that support the Victorian recreational fishery.

Some of these tags will provide detailed information on the seasonal and seasonal patterns in water temperature at depth that define the pelagic habitats of this species.

We have now deployed eight satellite tags in shelf and slope waters off Victoria. These included five off Portland, one off Woolamai, and two off Lakes Entrance. These sharks have ranged in size from 120 - 268 cm total length.

Please enjoy and share the travels of our shortfin makos. We thank you for your ongoing support of our research.

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Project Sponsors

This project is currently supported by SARDI Aquatic Sciences, Victorian DPI Recreational Fishing Licence Trust Account Large Grants Program, and Marine Innovations South Australia.