Teaching Resources

Educator Created Products

Learning With Loggerheads (280 KB PDF)
Science and Children, September 2007

Sea Turtle Coloring Book (1.44 MB PDF)
Provided by the Ocean Conservancy in English and Spanish

Turtle Tracks (372 KB JPEG)
Using real-time satellite telemetry data in the classroom

Educators Guide (6 MB PDF)

If you would like to help develop the satellite tracking teaching resources please contact tracking@seaturtle.org.

The SEATURTLE.ORG Satellite Tracking Program provides a unique opportunity to engage students in a fun and exciting way. Satellite tracking can be used to develop lesson plans covering a number of subject areas, including biology, math, geography and even politics. Below is a list of suggested exercises divided by subject area. New exercises will be added to the list as they are developed.

Tracking Maps

Print and reproduce these maps for tracking and geography exercises.

Tracking Data

Access Data

Access to these data are restricted to registered users and are intended for classroom use ONLY. If you would like access to data on this site:

  1. Create a seaturtle.org account if you have not done so already.
  2. Send a message to tracking@seaturtle.org requesting access to tracking data. Please include your name, educational institution, and position.
  3. Please indicate whether you would like to participate in developing the teaching resources available on this site.

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